About Goat The Label

GOAT// Greatest of all time.

Goat is a label we give to those who are simply hands down, hands in the air, incredible at what they do.

Undisputed and disputed. They’re the ones we emulate, celebrate and have on our bedroom walls. Now it’s your turn to wear the label. Goat is streetwear that looks and feels good. Premium fabrics and perfect cuts. It all started when a good friend was drafted into the big leagues. To mark the occasion, we went searching for a top that simply said  ‘goat’. But it was nowhere to be found. The rest… Is history.

History for you to write. Because who’s to say you can’t be goat? Goat is an attitude, an inner belief that drowns out all the noise, all the haters and all the no’s and the no’s and the no’s. Goat is for those  who have left a legacy and for those who are just beginning. Especially for those who are just beginning. The man with the famous shuffle once declared, “i am the greatest”. He was 22 when he said those words. So if you’re gonna make a call, make it big. Shake things up. Then own it. Wear it. Become it. The world is your witness. And it starts right here.